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IoTize Development Toolkit

A platform for shipping remote device controlling apps (variable monitoring, commands, data persistency in the cloud).

Use the IoTize Integrated suite of tools and services and benefits with:

  • In App Preview

    Preview your projects live on your device. With IoTize Tap Manager, you can rapidly preview your app without having to publish anything on the app stores

  • App prototyping

    Quickly prototype and test your devices. Visually build device remote monitoring apps in minutes. Simply drag and drop variables you want to monitor to create a monitoring dashboard. Coming soon: Use predefined UI components such as jauge, buttons, and more or implements your own.

  • Multi platforme support

    Weather your are on iOS, Android, windows or linux, there is a solution for you

  • Custom development

    Use APIs to create your custom application We provide libraries to easily control your IoTize device. It handles for you low level communication protocols such as NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, Lora and Wi-Fi are handled for you. I also give you access to common functionalities such as variable monitoring, authentication and encrypted communication.

Where to start ?

API Guide General API guide. Walks you through how to connect to a device and take advantage of its features

Platform Guide Platform Specific Guide

API Reference Describe all the API operations with sample requests.

IoTize APIs

IoTize APIs enables communication between your IoTize Tap Devices (TapNLink or TapNPass) and your application (smartphone, browser or desktop).

It provides different communication protocols such as NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, Socket or Lora.

General Architecture

IoTize device

An IoTize device can been seen as a gateway between your non radio capable device and your smartphone application.

It is a non intrusive hardware and software component that provides firstly bidirectional radio communication capbilities to any target application but also useful features such has variable monitoring, data logging and security.

General architecture

IoTize device may be able to communicate

  • with software applications (smartphone, browser or desktop) through NFC, BLE, WiFi or Lora (called the source protocol).
  • with the target application through SWD, S3P, JTAG, MODBUS, GPIO or serial.

More information about general architecture here


The IoTize API is separated into multiple layers.

General architecture

Protocol API

This layer is in charge of receiving/transeiving raw data from/to the IoTize device.

Client API

This layer build and parse LwM2M commands and responses.

Tap Device API (Core features)

The Tap device API provides IoTize Tap device specific features:

  • Easily access exposed Tap device services with a user friendly API through named functions. Data encoding and decoding is managed for you
  • Read/Edit target application variables
  • Target application variable monitoring
  • Encrypted communications
  • User authentication


Based on the Tap Device API, we can easily build more advanced features. Separated libraries that provide extra features:


API to create a relay (gateway) between two communication protocols.

For example, you can create a relay that transform incoming socket commands into Bluetooth Low Energy commands.


Configure your IoTize device thanks to configuration scripts.